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Hannah Wallis' Curatorial Residency

DASH are delighted to have the third Disabled curatorial resident, Hannah Wallis, at Wysing Arts Centre. We know that the residency will be a two way process, benefiting both Hannah's development as a curator and for Wysing Arts Centre, having a Disabled member of their team.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for me, and I am very much looking forward to working alongside the Wysing team to develop ideas in connection with the 2020 theme of broadcasting.

Wysing’s commitment to providing time and space for artists and curators to fully develop responses on their own terms, is a rare and valuable framework to work within. What is most interesting for me at this time, is to be offered a key role in the conversation around what it means to listen, a conversation I have often struggled to be part of.

With an opportunity to learn from the expertise of the Wysing team, I am excited to start this new role and test out new ideas.”

Hannah Wallis​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hannah is responding to Wysing’s programme theme for 2020, which puts broadcasting at the centre of the artistic programme - connecting with remote audiences in a way that enables the organisation to listen, as well as to transmit, ideas using digital and other technologies.​​​​​​​

Hannah has curated the first on-site exhibition for Wysing Arts Centre in 2021; 'Version' from sound artist and DJ Ain Bailey.

Throughout this exhibition, Bailey brings together sound and sculpture as means to expand on ideas and techniques of ‘sonic biography’, a generative methodology of sound exploration that the artist has finessed over the years.

The exhibition features collaborations with Elaine Mitchener and Taylor Le Melle.

Find out more about the 'version' exhibition.

Read the a-n interview by Orla Foster with Hannah Wallis which discusses her DASH Curatorial Commission residency at Wysing Arts Centre, and the resulting exhibition by Ain Bailey.