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The Incorrigibles: Perspectives on Disability Visual Arts in the 20th and 21st Centuries

The stories and artwork in this book unite the artists and demonstrate the strong vibrant genre that is progressive and inspirational to an emerging Disability Arts landscape. We are indebted to all the artists who responded with such openness, honesty and generosity of spirit.

“I was honoured and delighted to be included in The Incorrigibles landmark publication: the Disability Arts Movement was and still is a hugely influential arts movement which is about both the creative avant-garde and social change - Dash’s The Incorrigibles publication captured that balance superbly, a balance my work is all about.’ David Hevey.

'It was great to be included in the incorrigibles book - it looks FAB - there are very few spaces available to showcase the excellence of artists who face barriers and this is a high quality example of what can and needs to be done' Jon Adams

The drive to produce this book grew out of issues raised within two of DASH's recent projects:

Awkward Bastards 2015, the first in a series of conferences bringing together an array of speakers to discuss a wide range of 'diversity' issues.
One recurring theme within the conference was around the decision, both historically and now, to self-identify (or not) as a 'Disabled' or 'black' or 'queer' artist. The positive and negative implications of doing so, and what these implications still tell us about the machinations and prejudices of mainstream cultural organisations, remains an ongoing importantpolitical debate as well as a deeply personal dilemma for artists.

Cultivate is a bespoke mentoring project for up and coming Disabled visual artists. As mentors within the project we became acutely aware that new and emerging Disabled artists were often unaware of the history and current context for potentially aligning their practice, aspirations and identity as artists within a wider 'Disability Arts movement'. They were also often unaware of the work and range of current Disability Arts organisations and the support and resources available to them through these channels.

We hope that The Incorrigibles will provide a valuable contribution at this significant and fundamental point in the history of Disability Art
and culture. Recognising and understanding the history of Disabled artists in the past and their position in the present will be the basis of generating new and more enlightened practices in the future, encouraging greater insight and confidence to engage with these issues, and that new dialogues will emerge as a result.

Praise for The Incorrigibles:

"The Incorrigibles is both a testament to the resilience of artists making work in the face of disabling obstacles and the commitment of artists dedicated to making work about the experience of disability."

Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online.

There aren't many organizations like DASH out there that fully fund artists with disabilities and pave the road for us to make art with ease, without worrying about the cost of accommodations and such. As a Deaf artist, I often feel hesitant about asking certain things to make my communication less difficult, but DASH has made the experience smooth and I find that very generous." Christine Sun Kim

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