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Aaron Williamson

During the last thirty years Aaron Williamson has created over 300 performances, videos, installations and publications around the world.

Williamson’s work is informed by his experience of becoming deaf and by a progressive sensibility towards disability. At a University of California lecture in 1998, he coined the term 'Deaf Gain' as a counter-emphasis to 'hearing loss'. Between 2006-2019 he collaborated with Katherine Araniello as ‘The Disabled Avant-Garde’:

Works by Aaron Williamson have been purchased by the Arts Council England Collection and UK Government Art Collection. He is a Research Fellow in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University.


A red, blue and black background of random geometric shapes. At the centre a 3d shape emerges - the artist in disguise - only just visible against the background.

Image: 'Hiding in 3D' by Aaron Williamson. Image Credit: Tegen Kimbley.

Aaron was one of 31 d/Deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent artists to take part in the DASH award winning project: We Are Invisible We Are Visible (WAIWAV).

The artists staged Dada inspired interventions in 30 museums and galleries across Britain and Northern Ireland on 2 July 2022 only​​​​​​​, marking the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada International Exhibition in Berlin.

Aarons's intervention, 'Hiding in 3D' took place at Ikon, Birmingham. Read More.

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Aaron Williamson wears a hi-vis jacket and glasses. He leans towards the camera holding up a name badge. It reads: Aaron Williamson, Strategic Quotas Consultant, Lofty Management. In the background is a flipchart.

Image: 'Professional Management Communication' by Aaron Williamson. Part of the DASH project Awkward Bastards at Home.

Awkward bastards at Home
Aaron was also one of five artists commissioned by DASH to create five films to reflect life as a Disabled Artist during the Coronavirus Pandemic.​​​​​​​

‘Professional Management Communication’ by Aaron Williamson is the fifth and final of five films from the Awkward Bastards at Home series.

Watch all five of the films on our Project page.